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Synapse software streamlines training intake, project planning, and content design processes to make training teams more digital, agile, and efficient.

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  • training_intake Training Intake
  • Project Planning
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Training Intake

Synapse standardizes and centralizes your training intake process so you can capture and report on the training needs from across your business.

Standardize Intake Forms

Customizable forms let you standardize the information you capture for requests.

Provide a Dedicated Portal

Provide business partners with a branded, dedicated portal to submit and collaborate on requests.

Collaborate with Requestors

Improve discovery and streamline back and forth communication with requestors so you are sure the right content is being created.

Integrate with Existing Tech

Synapse easily integrates with your existing tools and technologies.

Leverage Status Workflows

Manage requests statuses to provide full transparency to business partners so they know exactly what is happening with their request.

Get Insights and Analytics

Gain insights into the volume and status of requests through an admin dashboard.

Project Planning

With Synapse you can easily view the status of all your projects and move them through various stages so you have full visibility into everything your team is working on.

Prioritize Projects

You’ll know exactly which projects are critical, which ones are less critical and exactly where each of them are in the planning and development process.

Ensure Team Alignment

Everyone will know what they are responsible for, what they’ve been tasked with and what needs to be worked on next.

Customized for Your Process

Whether you follow ADDIE, SAM, Agile or other learning models, Synapse allows you to customize the platform to how your team works.

Manage the Entire Training Lifecycle

You have full visibility into the lifecycle of a request right from submission through to project planning, storyboarding, collaboration, development and deployment.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Project owners, and other stakeholders collaborate easily on dedicated cards where they can contribute content, assign priority, attach requests and more.

Content Design

Our collaborative platform allows you to leverage built in  best practices in instructional design to rapidly blueprint courses and author content while working more efficiently with SMEs and other stakeholders.

Rapidly Author Content

Our step-by-step guided best practices allow even the least experienced designer to build engaging courses like a pro.

Collaborate Seamlessly with SMEs

Collaborators can easily contribute or comment as you tag them throughout the platform. Assign tasks with due dates so course creation is more efficient.

Easily Storyboard and Publish

Your digital blueprints come to life as you collaborate and design your course content. Export to SCORM, PDF, PPT and more.

Standardize Course Design

With templates and assistive text you can create standardized templates to ensure consistency and quality in your courses.

Centralize Knowledge Capture

Capture knowledge from your SMEs right inside Synapse so it can be easily accessed, used in multiple courses and updated on the fly.

Update Content in Real Time

Our seamless integration with your LMS or LXP means any changes made in Synapse are updated in real time with a simple click of a button. No need to re-export and re-import SCORM files.

Training Intake Software

Improve efficiency by taking control of your training intake process. Provide standardized forms to gather important information about the requests, gather requirements, and assess business impact. Leverage approval workflows to collaborate with requesters and provide feedback.


Instructional Design Software

Our collaborative platform allows you to work more efficiently with SMEs and take an agile approach to training creation. Rapidly produce highly visual  storyboards and prototypes based on best practices in instructional design. All projects can be deployed in multiple formats including PDF, SCORM, XML, and PowerPoint or published right to your LMS.

How Synapse Increases the Capacity of Your Team

Save Time with Centralized Training Intake

Provide business partners with an easy to use portal to quickly submit requests. No more back and forth on email, in meetings or through messaging apps. Collaborate, approve and track requests from a centralized dashboard.

Work More Effectively with SMEs

SMEs can easily contribute or comment on content as you tag them throughout the platform. Assign tasks with due dates so course creation is more efficient.

Create Courses Faster with Rapid Authoring

Quickly develop storyboards and create or curate content as you develop your course. Publish in numerous formats including sharelinks, PPT, SCORM, PDF, XML and more.

Improve Quality with Standardization

Best practices in adult learning theory are built into the platform. Administrators can customize templates and maintain control while empowering anyone to design training.

Here's what our clients are saying:

“As a result of this new digital solution, ISE has seen an increase of 80% in unique readers of courses in the space of three months.”
“I wanted to find a way to build just-in-time, mobile-friendly training opportunities that would provide the coaching for just that needed skill, especially at the basic bronze level of competency development”
“It was so easy to invite new SMEs into the system to start collaborating. They could see everything that we already had and everything that we were trying to accomplish in one place.”

Synapse is purpose-built software for learning and development teams that is focussed on your upfront processes. It’s time to consolidate those disparate tools you are using for training intake, project planning and content design and work more efficiently and digitally with Synapse.

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