Managing Training Requests and Standardizing Course Design in Financial Services

Complex regulatory environments like financial services make it critical to ensure employees and partners are well trained. Failure to comply can result in fines, reputational damage or even shutdowns in some cases.

Keeping compliance training, employee onboarding and business unit specific training up to date while ensuring training quality, can quickly become overwhelming. Not only that, training that is created without proper instructional design runs the risk of not achieving the learning objectives that are required of the learners. 

But design is time consuming.

“It takes up to 140 hours and as much as $10,000 to create one hour of training”

(Chapman Alliance, ATD Study)

Our solution

Synapse manages training intake, standardizes training program design and lets you work seamlessly with subject matter experts so you can deliver the business outcomes that your partners are looking for. 

Our financial services clients manage intake and course design for many different types of training including:

and Risk


Branch Employee


“The ability to publish and export a link for use with an LMS for a fast solution is great for projects that need to get training to users in a very short time-frame, and with zero budget.”

Julia Turner, Learning Advisor at ExxonMobil

Resources for Financial Services

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