Managing Training Requests and Standardizing Course Design in Tech

Technology companies are highly reliant on knowledge workers to ensure the success of their businesses. Ensuring knowledge is up-to-date and that learners are absorbing information is essential not only to ensure they are empowered to do their best work, but to keep them engaged in a highly competitive talent market.
This makes training design all the more critical. If the up-front work of design isn’t done with a best practise framework then the training that is created won’t achieve the results that the business requires.

But design is time consuming.

“It takes up to 140 hours and as much as $10,000 to create one hour of training”

(Chapman Alliance, ATD Study)

Our solution

Synapse manages training intake, standardizes training program design and lets you work seamlessly with subject matter experts so you can deliver business outcomes.

Our technology clients manage intake and course design for many different types of training including:


Soft Skills

Sales Enablement

Leadership Development


“I wanted to find a way to build just-in-time, mobile-friendly training opportunities that would provide the coaching for just that needed skill. 

The response so far has been great. Employees can target their skills training to just what they need to know when they need to know it, wherever they are.”

Thomas Bernard, Global Learning Leader at Solenis

Resources for L&D in Tech Companies

Staying at the top of the industry requires knowledge, and we’re always learning. Check out our latest knowledge on our blog or download additional information on our Resources page.

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